What does it mean to be an Introvert?

No one person is 100% an introvert or completely an extrovert, personality traits appear on a scale and there is a degree to where you fall on this. We are going to explore in this article some of the similar characteristics introverts adorn.

Ultimately an introvert will spend more time looking internally to digest thoughts and will listen more than talk.

Some common myths about Introverts:

Introverts are shy

With more internal reflection, listening and time alone on the outside introverts can appear to be shy but they are not afraid to speak; they just don’t speak as much as your average person

Introverts cannot do public speaking

Not all introverts are bad at public speaking and the source of a bad public speak doesn’t fall on their introverted attributes. Bad public speaking often comes down to anxiety, nerves and stress. Many introverts have the ability to act extroverted in order to successfully achieve a goal. For example an introverted writer may spend years writing in their comfort zone but to promote their book they’ll happily spend months completely book tours presenting and public speaking.

Brian R. Little writes incredibly well about this in his book ‘Who are you, really? The surprising puzzle of personality’

Introverts make bad sale people

The common image of a successful sales person is a loud, charismatic extrovert that doesn’t give the potential customer a chance to speak. But there are introverted attributes that are more desirable in selling such as listening and therefore asking more appropriate questions to understand what the consumers needs. Rather than attempting to sell any old rubbish!

Introverts are highly sensitive to external stimuli; too much noise and social interaction can become exhausting. Introverts will need to balance this out with quiet downtime to recharge.

Susan Cain researches and write incredibly well about the topic of sensitivity in introverts and much more in her book ‘Quiet: The power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking’

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