How to sleep blissfully at night, every night

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Sleep is one of the most unknown areas of psychological science and only now is prominent research coming to light surrounding the importance of sleep. ‘Why we sleep’ by Matthew Walker is a top selling book, highly publicised and unlocks some of the myths and science behind why we sleep.

It’s become apart of our culture in western society to be proud of working longer hours and sleeping less but this lifestyle isn’t sustainable. More evidence surrounding chronic sleep deprivation is coming to light around how this can have devastating consequences and significant causality of various physical and mental health diseases such Alzheimer’s, obesity, cancer, diabetes and depression.¬†Here are some top tips to help you get a good night sleep:

Don’t go to bed on a full stomach

There are some myths that eating after 6PM is bad for you and your digestion but if this leads you to going to bed feeling hungry this isn’t healthy either. Recommend not eating 2-3 hour before you go to sleep and ensure what you consume is light, healthy and therefore quicker to digest. Try to avoid caffeine, bad fats and sugars.

Leave all devices out of the bedroom

Consuming too much light visually before going to bed can affect your circadian rhythm and prolong any natural feelings of tiredness. Try to get ready for bed and go to the bathroom 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed to avoid any bright lights. Pre-set morning alarms on your phone and try to leave all devices out of the bedroom.

Go to bed early

Why fight the sleep, listen to your body and surrender to the wonders of sleep. Most people need 8 hours sleep but others remain healthy with as little as 4 hours and other individuals need closer to 10 hours per night. We are all different so understanding your optimal volume of sleep per night is vital to gaining a consistent night time routine.

Create a peaceful space

Create a space in your bedroom that you want to spend time and relax in, whether you are alone or with your partner the bedroom should be a place of warmth, love and comfort for you both.

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