5 Quick Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress can be defined a psychological and physical strain or tension generated by physical, emotional, social, economic, or occupational circumstances, events or experiences that are difficult to manager or endure.

There are varying degrees to which each individual can deal with levels of stress and there is no one healthy or unhealthy level defined for all. It’s all about finding the balance that works for you.

There are some common triggers that act as stressors for everyone and this article will explore these with advice around how to ease this.

Money, money, money

One of the main causes of stress is financial worries here are some quick changes you can start doing now to become more financially stable and start saving:

  • Switch Sky TV for NowTV or Netflix
  • Shop around for insurance and phone bills when they come up for renewal
  • Cut down how much you spend on alcohol by drinking less, in general, but also outside in bars and pubs
  • Set up a spreadsheet which you can update monthly with your income, direct debits, rent and other credit/debit(s) so you can estimate your monthly disposable income and give yourself a daily or weekly budget; whichever is easier for you to manage

Keeping things in order

Having a nice calm space to relax in at home is important and so is having your own space to recharge and rewind; keep your room clean, tidy and uncluttered and your mind will reflect this.

Leave work on time

How often do you stay at work an extra 30 minutes, hour or two? How many times do you eat your  lunch at your desk and work through your lunch break? Having a work life balance is fundamental to elevating stress and sustaining a high level of performance inside and outside of work.

Put your phone away

Reduce your social media usage and the amount you check your phone but turning off notifications on your most popular or distracting applications or deleting them from your phone. Deleting apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat will reduce your usage and productivity for life!

Read more here about how a social media detox can be good for you.

Move your body

Add some exercise to your day; if you are a morning person then fit in a 30 minute run or roll out your yoga mat before heading off to work. Nowadays it’s much easier to exercise at home with so much free inspiration on YouTube from various fitness influencers.

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