Managing and Limiting Stress in the Workplace

Nowadays we are working longer hours but remain overloaded with worry, stress and even more work. People are getting less sleep which can lead to chronic sleep deprivation and potentially increased levels of stress and anxiety, not to mention a whole host of other physical and mental health conditions that we become at risk to.

Here are a few top tips that can be applied not only to office working environments but to any working environment to help manage and limit stress in the workplace:

5 Top Tips for Managing and Limiting Stress:

  • Don’t let others manage your time: Be autonomous over your time (where possible), your time is valuable and precious, don’t let others dictate how you should be prioritising deliverables
  • Over communicate: people like to know what’s going on and what can cause additional stress are disturbances in the workplace for example like people interrupting you in your workspace. So to avoid this get into the routine of daily/weekly (depending upon what works for your projects) status updates in a medium that works for everyone. Also leading this can give you extra brownie points for pro-activity
  • Manage expectations: this follows on nicely from number one and two; deadlines can be extended and people can be flexible, don’t be afraid to be the one to suggest a new deadline in order to produce a high quality piece of work as opposed to something rush with potential mistakes. In reality this isn’t always possible but you won’t know until you ask
  • Manage your devices: nowadays we are surrounded by too many mediums for communication; work mobile, desk phone, personal mobile, email, IM etc. and it’s okay not to be active on these 24/7, if anything they are hindering your productivity. Set designated times of the day when you can check your email, make sure your answer phone message is up to date and switch your IM to ‘do not disturb’
  • Own your space: most offices now have ‘breakout’ areas designed for hot desking or informal meetings, standing desks and hidden areas of the office to move to and get a change of scenery or some privacy. This is a great way to get some headspace away from your desk and focus on the task at hand. Just let the right people know where you are going and when you will be back.

I hope these few simple tips can help you get through the working week a little lighter from stress and anxiety, they might not seem natural at first but you can easily adjust to a new routine, especially when you start to reap the benefits.

They might not work for you and your style of working or might not quite fit with your personality style but try and adapt to what feels right for you and ultimately the business will support you if you are open, honest and ultimately happier, stress free and more productive.


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