The psychology of obedience

The Psychology of Obedience

The psychology of obedience is one which has been studied extensively by psychologists since the end of world war two. The revelation of the horrors of concentration camps induced many…

social influence

Social Influence: Part Two

In part two of this article on the topic of social Influence we will explore in much more detail minority and majority influence, and convergent-divergent theory. If you haven’t already…

social influence

Social Influence: Part One

In this next series of articles exploring the topic of social psychology we are going to gain a greater understanding of social influence. Specifically defining normative and informational influence, then…

conformity compliance and power

Social Psychology: Compliance, Conformity & Power

Continuing with this current series on social psychology here we are going to explore the topics of compliance, conformity & power. Check out the introduction to social psychology here. COMPLIANCE…

social psychology intro

Introduction to Social Psychology

In this next series we are going to start exploring the world of social psychology, starting with this introduction where we discuss an induced compliance study by Festinger & Carlsmith…

stanford prison experiment

The Stanford Prison Experiment

This article is going to explore one of the most famous and controversial psychological experiments called the Stanford Prison Experiment, in 1971 lead by¬†Philip Zimbardo a professor at Stanford University….