creativity and emotional intelligence

Creativity and Emotional Intelligence

This article evaluates creativity and emotional intelligence in psychology. Looking at the theories behind how creativity and intelligence can be measured and some of the issue that can arise. Creativity…

cognitive psychology

Broader Theories of Intelligence

This articles continues with the topic of intelligence in cognitive psychology. Assesses the broader theories of intelligence through the work of Gardner and Sternberg. Previous articles introducing and defining the…


Types of Intelligence

Today’s article follows on from the ‘Introduction to Intelligence‘ and goes further into the different types of intelligence; crystallised vs fluid. We’ll explore the information processing approach and lastly Carroll’s…


Introduction to Intelligence

In this article we are going to explore the topic of intelligence in psychology. Defining what is intelligence, who the original theorists were and touching on a few different approaches….

Fake news and intelligence

One reason why fake news is dangerous is that we don’t like changing our mind about our views on a topic. Once we have decided upon a point of view…