Minimalist living could reduce your anxiety 

If you suffer from a mental disorder like anxiety from mild to extreme symptoms you could benefit from a newly minimalist way of living which could reduce your anxiety.

Some of the key elements of anxiety people suffer with is not being able to make decisions and becoming overwhelmed easily. With a minimalist lifestyle you have the opportunity to eliminate a lot of the choices that are involved in everyday life.

Here we are going to focus on two areas; eliminating choices and worrying about what others think of you. Now it may seem superficial but the area of we are going to focus on first is the contents of your closest. The clothes we wear are integral to our daily life and we hold a high amount of value and status in our image.

But I would estimate that you only really wear regularly around 30% – 50% of your clothes. That’s 50% – 70% of clothes wasting space and supplying you with too much choice in the morning of what to wear.

So here’s what you need to do to free up some living space in your bedroom and in your mind, starting by sorting through your clothes into three piles:

  1. Garments that need throwing away
  2. Items to send to the charity shop
  3. Anything of value that could be sold on (via eBay or any other reselling apps or research your local market/boot fair)

We hold a lot of sentimental value in the clothes we have purchased over the years so if you are nervous about getting rid of everything in one go then get moving in stages:

  1. Sort through clothes into three segments specified above (trust me you’ll have fun and feel lighter just doing this)
  2. Every time you assess an item question ‘when was the last time I wore this’ and ‘when am I likely to wear it again’… and be honest
  3. The garments that need throwing away just do it, no hesitation
  4. But if you have space then keep the other two bags around for another week, anything you’ve searched for and had sleepless nights over pull out of the bag and back in your wardrobe
  5. If you wear this in the following week it can stay in the wardrobe

This is a process and do what works for you, there is no right or wrong way of decluttering your wardrobe and ultimately making your life a little lighter. Hopefully you will take more care when it comes to purchasing anything new, this will have an impact on any financial worries too and hold more value to your spending.

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